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Big Box of Books Collection 20 Books Box Set Children Reading Bedtime Stories

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Издательство Little Tiger Press
Язык Английский
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Переплет Мягкий
Возраст 7+
Размер 260x280
Серия книг Big Box of Books Collection
ISBN 978-1848959170
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Краткое описание

Certain to provide hours upon hours of reading fun for any future bookworm, this big box of beautifully illustrated short stories will enthrall young readers as they take their first steps into the wonderful world of books. 

Containing 20 stories that are just perfect for sharing with your little ones at both playtime and bedtime (or any time, really), the Big Box of Books gives everything children aged 3 and above need to fall in love with reading: heart-warming stories, stunning illustrations and fun-loving characters. 

From Monty and Millli: The Totally Amazing Magic Trick to Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bunny? and Icky Little Duckling, this collection of laugh-out-loud adventures is just perfect for enjoying together with Mummy and Daddy.

Titles in this collection (20)

  • A Friend Like You - Julia Hubery & Caroline Pedler
  • Yuck! That's Not a Monster! - Angela McAllister & Alison Edgson
  • What a Mess! - Adria Meserve
  • Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bunny - Steve Smallman & Caroline Pedler
  • There's No Such Thing as Monsters! - Steve Smallman & Caroline Pedler
  • Dr Duck - Steve Smallman & Hannah George
  • What's More Scary Than a Shark? - Paul Bright & Michael Terry
  • The Great Monster Hunt - Norbert Landa & Tim Warnes
  • Icky Little Duckling - Steve Smallman & Tim Warnes
  • Little Penguin Lost - Tracey Corderoy & Gavin Scott
  • Gruff the Grump - Steve Smallman & Cee Biscoe
  • The Little White Owl - Tracey Corderoy & Jane Chapman
  • Monty and Milli - Tracey Corderoy & Tim Warnes
  • The Not-so Scary Snorklum - Paul Bright & Jane Chapman
  • The Slurpy Burpy Bear - Norbert Landa & Jane Chapman
  • Dragon Stew - Steve Smallman & Lee Wildish
  • Bumble The Little Bear with Big Ideas - Marni McGee & Cee Biscoe
  • Before we go to Bed - Sue Mongredien & Cee Biscoe
  • Bedtime for Little Bears - David Bedford & Caroline Pedler
  • The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm - Paul Bright & Jane Chapman
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