GeoSafari® Wearable Adventure Tools - Wrist Band

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Curious minds will love getting outside and exploring the world around them with this all-in-one set of kids adventure tools.

  • Easy-to-use exploration tools will encourage young children outdoors
  • Provides an introduction to using scientific equipment
  • Engages children in active play as they observe what’s around them
  • Develops curiosity and the desire to explore
  • The versatile wrist band includes:
    • Hinged display dome for collecting and viewing specimens
    • Working compass
    • LED light
    • 5x removable magnifier
    • Rotating bezel with analogue counter to track finds
  • Display dome features air holes
  • Comfortable wrist band features ruler markings in centimetres and inches
  • Perfect for camping trips, walks and exploring their own garden
  • Features multilingual packaging

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